Signs It’s Time to Update Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

You may think that once you have homeowner’s insurance, you don’t need to think about it anymore. However, there are times when it’s vital to update your policy. We offer comprehensive homeowners insurance at Clockwork Insurance Services in Metairie, LA.

Changes in the Value of Your Home

Many factors can affect the value of your home. If you’ve done major renovations or added a new room, notify your insurance company.

The value of your home can also fluctuate if property values in your area rise or fall.

If your home is damaged, you might not be compensated for its complete value if it has increased in worth.

Changes to Your Family

If you’ve recently had a baby or adopted one, notify your insurance company. The same applies if an elderly family member moves in. If someone has moved out of your home, updating your policy is crucial. For instance, when your teen leaves for college.

Upgrading Security

Inform your insurer if you’ve installed a security system. Security systems lessen the likelihood of vandalism and theft. This reduction in risk might also lower your insurance premiums, besides giving you peace of mind.

Changes to Pets

If you’ve recently added a new four-legged family member, your insurance policy covers liability in the event of a dog bite. It’s crucial to inform the insurance company about your new pet to ensure you are covered adequately. Also, be aware that many policies don’t cover specific breeds considered aggressive.

Homeowner’s Insurance at Clockwork Insurance Services

If you require homeowner’s insurance in Metairie, LA, contact Clockwork Insurance Services. Our approachable agents will discuss your needs and help you choose the most appropriate policy for your situation.

How do I protect my business during storm season?

One of the top ten steps to protect your business in the event of a major storm, whether it is a hurricane, or a tornado is to review your business insurance policy.

Things to consider while reviewing your policy are:

  1. Does your insurance policy include water damage protection?
  2. Does your insurance policy include clean up?
  3. What assets are protected by your current policy?
  4. Is your data covered with your current policy?

When a storm is approaching is when the business owner initiates your storm preparedness plan. Most important is to protect your employees and have a communication plan in place to get emergency information out to your team. This is the first step to protecting your business’s ability to regroup and get back to business once the storm has cleared and it is safe to return. A business continuity plan is one of the best ways to prepare for any disruption in business. This should always include the insurance coverages listed above.

Staying in touch with our clients, at Clockwork Insurance Services is included in our preparation for any disruption in business. Rest assured we will be here to provide you with answers to your questions and claims even if we are also in the path of the storm.

Clockwork Insurance Services is dedicated to assisting you with answering all your questions to give you the peace of mind you desire when facing a potential devastating storm in your area.

Call us today to set up a review of your policies and take that step to protect your business!

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Are you covered for the surge in gold & silver prices?

As a jewelry store owner or precious metal collector you may have taken notice of the increase in prices for gold and silver. This has ignited a sudden increase in the purchases of gold and silver by the public. From an insurance perspective this leads to the question, do I have the coverage I need today?

At Clockwork Insurance Services we can review your policies to ensure that you are covered for the additional costs involved should you have a claim during this higher market value time.

Don’t risk being underinsured. We are ready to customize a comprehensive insurance solution to safeguard your assets in these dynamic times. Take a look at our website for more specific information about jewelers’ block insurance options:

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Three Things You Should Know About Jewelry Insurance

If you possess a significant collection of exquisite and expensive jewelry pieces, it is paramount to consider securing specialized jewelry insurance. Clockwork Insurance Services offers comprehensive jewelry insurance policies tailored to your jewelry valuables.

The Limitations of Your Standard Homeowner’s Coverage

One common misconception is that home insurance or renter’s policy also provides coverage for your jewelry. Although technically true, there may be limited coverage for valuable items including jewelry, furs, and fine art. At clockwork we work with specialized carriers for these types of risks.

A Selection of Jewelry Insurance Options Awaits

Choosing jewelry insurance yields several options. Firstly, the coverage can be added as an extension to your homeowner’s policy. Alternatively, you can procure a standalone specialized insurance policy for your jewelry. Depending on the extent and worth of your jewelry collection, we can pair you with an individual policy or a blanket one. A blanket policy covers all your trinkets and baubles combined and is an excellent choice for multiple valuable pieces. However, individual coverage may better serve your needs if you only have one or two precious pieces.

Comprehensive Coverage for Damaged or Stolen Items

A jewelry insurance policy safeguards against the risks of theft and damage, ensuring you never lose out on your valuables’ worth. For instance, if your pearl necklace breaks, the policy could cover the re-stringing or repair costs. Some policies pay for a replacement if your jewelry item is stolen, while others may offer a cash out option. In addition to covering lost jewelry, most policies include mysterious disappearance coverage. This protects you when your jewelry goes missing under unknown circumstances—perhaps misplaced, stolen, or lost on commuter transit.

Place Your Trust in Clockwork Insurance Services for Your Jewelry Insurance

When you need jewelry insurance Clockwork Insurance Services stands ready to help. Our team of experienced agents ensures you choose the insurance policy that best adheres to your needs—a policy that brings an added layer of peace to all your precious jewelry possessions.

Flood Insurance or hurricane coverage what do I need?

In areas of the United States that are prone to hurricane’s, homeowners may be required to have flood coverage based on the zoning regulations in your area. Those not zoned to have high flood risk may want to consider adding flood coverage because your homeowners insurance may not be enough. Floods can occur anywhere and unlike homeowners or hurricane coverage, flood insurance will protect your property even if the area has not been declared a disaster by the federal government.

In states that are higher risk for hurricanes like Florida, Texas, Louisiana, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, New York and Virginia your homeowners most likely will have a higher deductible specifically for hurricane claims. Make sure to discuss options to lower your deductible or at least be prepared for the large deductible in case you need to make a claim. Your insurance agent can review your policy with you and assist you with this.

Peace of mind during any weather event is a top priority and taking the steps for preparation will ensure you have the protection you need. Steps you should take to prepare for a hurricane: 1. Have emergency water and non-perishable food. 2. Get a first aid kit and include at least a one-month supply of your medications. 3. Backup power sources to charge your phone and batteries for your flashlights. 4. Prepare a way to store and/or carry with you your important documents, i.e. medical documents, personal identification, wills, and insurance information.

Hurricane season officially begins on June 1st of each year so be sure to schedule a meeting with your insurance agent now to review your coverage and discuss options. Protecting your home is a step toward protecting your legacy.

Call us at Clockwork Insurance Services to discuss taking those steps to protect your legacy today at 504-262-8240

Four reasons why you need fine arts and collectibles insurance

If you own fine art, it’s important that you protect its value with insurance coverage. Clockwork Insurance Services offers fine arts and collectibles insurance to consumers in Metairie, LA.

Here are four reasons why you need fine arts and collectibles insurance to protect your valuable possessions.  

Natural disasters can destroy valuable collectibles and fine art.

Your collectibles could be damaged or destroyed if a natural disaster occurs in your area. An insurance policy can reimburse you for losses due to damage to fine arts caused by natural disasters. 

You may need to travel with your expensive fine art.

Transporting your fine art may be necessary, but it can put your valuable items at risk of becoming damaged if you get in an accident. A fine arts and collectibles insurance policy will typically include coverage for losses resulting from travel. 

Fine arts and collectibles insurance gives you peace of mind. 

Without insurance coverage, you might be stressed about potential financial losses resulting from damage to your collectibles. You can avoid this stress by investing in the coverage that you need to insure the value of your fine art. 

Fine arts and collectibles insurance covers you if your fine art is stolen.

Unfortunately, valuable works of fine art can make you a target for theft. Insurance coverage can reimburse you if your fine art items are stolen or significantly damaged due to vandalism or burglary. 

At Clockwork Insurance Services, we’re happy to offer you the fine arts and collectibles insurance coverage you need. Call us today for a quote on a policy for your fine arts collection in Metairie, LA.

Safeguarding Your Jewelry While Traveling

The wedding is over, and you are heading to your honeymoon to celebrate! How do you protect your jewelry while you are zip lining over a tropical island?

You realize homeowners and renters’ insurance have major limitations on jewelry coverage. It certainly won’t cover your jewelry when you are flying out of state or out of the country for vacation.

Clockwork Insurance Services has some tips on safeguarding your precious jewelry while traveling along with options for personal jewelry insurance that will help you to really relax and enjoy that vacation or honeymoon.

-Never put your jewelry in a checked bag.

-Don’t flash your jewelry while traveling.

-Don’t leave your jewels in your hotel room, if you must, put in a hotel safe.

And most important make sure you have your jewelry fully insured.

For a quote on coverage go to:

We all want to be able to truly relax while traveling whether it is for pleasure or business. Leaving your most valuable jewelry at home is an option but many times we want to wear our wedding rings and other important pieces to events while out of town. Get covered to add that layer of security while traveling.

Four Ways to Secure Your Jewelry Store

Optimizing Security for Jewelry Store Owners

As a jewelry store owner, your store houses many precious and valuable items, making security paramount. Here are some practical ways to bolster your store’s security and ensure seamless operation of your business:

1. Implement a Sophisticated Security System

A top-tier security system is crucial whether you own or rent the property where your jewelry store is located. If absent, it is recommended to install a system that is remotely accessible, notifies you when a window or door has been breached, and connects directly to your phone.

2. Reinforce Cybersecurity Measures

In addition to physical visibility, your store likely has a considerable digital presence, given the extensive customer data collected during transactions. A robust cybersecurity system is essential to ensure the security of such sensitive data. Such a system can protect customers and safely store their information during payment transactions.

3. Establish a Two-Person Policy

Operating a jewelry store alone can be risky. A two-person policy can be implemented to mitigate this, wherein two individuals are present while opening and closing the store. Such a policy helps scan the surroundings for potential threats before unlocking the doors. During business hours, maintaining a minimum of two employees on the shop floor can help oversee potential theft while serving customers efficiently.

4. Invest in Enhanced Display Cases

Reinforced glass display cases can be used to discourage potential theft. While maintaining visibility for customers, such cases are harder to break into, effectively reducing the chances of theft.

Are you in the Metairie, LA, area and in need of a quote for jeweler’s block insurance? Contact our proficient agents at Clockwork Insurance Services.

Shopping for Jewelry? Protect your investment.

You just absolutely love the ring!

This necklace has so much meaning and sentimental value to you and your family, as it was passed down from your great grandmother. These are feelings we understand.

Clockwork Insurance can cover that jewelry and ensure your concerns about loss or theft are calmed. To get a quote on what your jewelry insurance will cost, go to our home page at: and simply choose Personal Jewelry Insurance in the “Request a Quote” drop down menu then hit QUOTE IT. It really is that simple. You will fill in a form with basic information and we at Clockwork Insurance will take it from there.

Did you know that most homeowner policies have a cap on jewelry coverage? Purchasing insurance for your precious pieces is a way to ensure you can enjoy wearing them with the confidence of protection, should something happen. Whether lost, stolen, damaged or just mysteriously disappeared, you can be covered.

There are two basic types of coverage to consider. You can cover your jewelry with reimbursement coverage or with replacement cost coverage. If you are interested in reading about the types of coverage available you can check out this article on the Jewelers Mutual site: .

Feel good about buying that perfect piece of jewelry to show your loved one how you feel. Jewelry Insurance coverage is more affordable than you think and helps with your peace of mind.

Do I Need Home Insurance?

Home Insurance: While it’s not a legal requirement, your mortgage lender may make it a requirement. What’s more, it’s just a good idea overall. A home is a big investment after all, and you want your investment protected should disaster fall. Disasters can happen at any time, so it is highly recommended that you get home insurance to save yourself from financial loss when such things happen. Otherwise, you’d have to pay for repairs out of pocket.

Why Does a Mortgage Lender Require Home Insurance?

If you take out a mortgage, your house is used as the collateral for the loan. In this case, the lender will also be invested in your house as they can claim it if the loan is not paid back. If a disaster damages your house before the loan is paid off, insurance will pay to fix the damages. If you live in an area that makes your house more liable to damage (say, an area that is frequently flooded), you may have to purchase beyond the standard home insurance policy. 

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Home insurance covers the cost of repairs should your home be damaged or the victim of theft or vandalism. Home insurance can also cover the repair or replacement of personal items such as furniture, clothes, electronics, appliances, and more. If someone is injured on your property, home insurance will take care of their medical costs. If the place you live in becomes too hazardous for life, you can even be decompensated for living expenses. 

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If you are in the Metairie, LA area, and you need home insurance, please contact Clockwork Insurance Services. Our knowledgeable and courteous agents will work tirelessly to provide you with the correct insurance policy to suit your needs and guarantee your satisfaction.