Four reasons why you need fine arts and collectibles insurance

If you own fine art, it’s important that you protect its value with insurance coverage. Clockwork Insurance Services offers fine arts and collectibles insurance to consumers in Metairie, LA.

Here are four reasons why you need fine arts and collectibles insurance to protect your valuable possessions.  

Natural disasters can destroy valuable collectibles and fine art.

Your collectibles could be damaged or destroyed if a natural disaster occurs in your area. An insurance policy can reimburse you for losses due to damage to fine arts caused by natural disasters. 

You may need to travel with your expensive fine art.

Transporting your fine art may be necessary, but it can put your valuable items at risk of becoming damaged if you get in an accident. A fine arts and collectibles insurance policy will typically include coverage for losses resulting from travel. 

Fine arts and collectibles insurance gives you peace of mind. 

Without insurance coverage, you might be stressed about potential financial losses resulting from damage to your collectibles. You can avoid this stress by investing in the coverage that you need to insure the value of your fine art. 

Fine arts and collectibles insurance covers you if your fine art is stolen.

Unfortunately, valuable works of fine art can make you a target for theft. Insurance coverage can reimburse you if your fine art items are stolen or significantly damaged due to vandalism or burglary. 

At Clockwork Insurance Services, we’re happy to offer you the fine arts and collectibles insurance coverage you need. Call us today for a quote on a policy for your fine arts collection in Metairie, LA.

Safeguarding Your Jewelry While Traveling

The wedding is over, and you are heading to your honeymoon to celebrate! How do you protect your jewelry while you are zip lining over a tropical island?

You realize homeowners and renters’ insurance have major limitations on jewelry coverage. It certainly won’t cover your jewelry when you are flying out of state or out of the country for vacation.

Clockwork Insurance Services has some tips on safeguarding your precious jewelry while traveling along with options for personal jewelry insurance that will help you to really relax and enjoy that vacation or honeymoon.

-Never put your jewelry in a checked bag.

-Don’t flash your jewelry while traveling.

-Don’t leave your jewels in your hotel room, if you must, put in a hotel safe.

And most important make sure you have your jewelry fully insured.

For a quote on coverage go to:

We all want to be able to truly relax while traveling whether it is for pleasure or business. Leaving your most valuable jewelry at home is an option but many times we want to wear our wedding rings and other important pieces to events while out of town. Get covered to add that layer of security while traveling.