Signs It’s Time to Update Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

You may think that once you have homeowner’s insurance, you don’t need to think about it anymore. However, there are times when it’s vital to update your policy. We offer comprehensive homeowners insurance at Clockwork Insurance Services in Metairie, LA.

Changes in the Value of Your Home

Many factors can affect the value of your home. If you’ve done major renovations or added a new room, notify your insurance company.

The value of your home can also fluctuate if property values in your area rise or fall.

If your home is damaged, you might not be compensated for its complete value if it has increased in worth.

Changes to Your Family

If you’ve recently had a baby or adopted one, notify your insurance company. The same applies if an elderly family member moves in. If someone has moved out of your home, updating your policy is crucial. For instance, when your teen leaves for college.

Upgrading Security

Inform your insurer if you’ve installed a security system. Security systems lessen the likelihood of vandalism and theft. This reduction in risk might also lower your insurance premiums, besides giving you peace of mind.

Changes to Pets

If you’ve recently added a new four-legged family member, your insurance policy covers liability in the event of a dog bite. It’s crucial to inform the insurance company about your new pet to ensure you are covered adequately. Also, be aware that many policies don’t cover specific breeds considered aggressive.

Homeowner’s Insurance at Clockwork Insurance Services

If you require homeowner’s insurance in Metairie, LA, contact Clockwork Insurance Services. Our approachable agents will discuss your needs and help you choose the most appropriate policy for your situation.