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With the potential for business shutdown due to the Corona Virus, it is imperative to be prepared for a potential closure during this pandemic. Please take some time to review the following suggestions to protect and mitigate the impact of this virus on your business.


  • Review property insurance limits with your agent.
  • Establish written business shutdown procedures for protecting your jewelry.
  • Store all jewelry in safes or vault
  • Leave lights on in store
  • Don’t cover showcases
  • Take smaller high valued items to a bank vault for storage in a safety deposit box.  (Verify Safe deposit box coverage limit with us before moving.)
  • If low valued items cannot be stored in-safe, move to a locked desk drawer, bathroom or filing cabinet
  • Contact customers to pick up their repairs
  • Alarm
  • Run a test of the system with your alarm company
  • Remove all objects from the sightline of motion detection to alarm control panel
  • Update your Call list
  • Verify your cameras are recording with no obstacles to sight line
  • Safe(s) & vaults
  • Remove all objects stored on top
  • Be aware of safe value limitations on policy (if any)
  • Remove all obstacles from the motion detection sightline of safes
  • Store key in a safe place on site or bring home
  • Records
  • Have access to a copy of your most recent Insurance Policy, Jewelry inventory, invoices, sales receipts, Tax returns and Financial records.
  • Have a redundant record of your customers jewelry
  • Inform key employees or essential staff of their specific responsibilities under the established shutdown procedures.
  • Determine and acquire emergency protective equipment and supplies (e.g., storm shutters, large pieces of plywood, hand tools, emergency generators and other essential items).
  • Create and distribute a contact list with phone numbers, cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses:
  • All key employees
  • Alarm company representative
  • Alarm monitoring facility representative
  • Safe distributor
  • Glazer
  • Local police department
  • Provide local police and authorities with your contact information
  • If appropriate, inform all employees on when and how they will be notified to report back to work.


  • Monitor local radio or television stations for official instructions for a mandatory business closure.
  • Take photographs or video of business establishment inside and out, from all angles. This will help to substantiate insurance claims later.

Building Exterior

  • Bring in display racks, planters, benches and any other objects usually left outside, which could be used to break storefront windows or doors.
  • If your building has exterior glass frontage, use storm shutters or plywood to board up any exterior glass exposures.
  • Close all Roll down shutters or doors
  • Leave flood lights on.